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Investigative Information Services

Background Checks for Your Peace of Mind

Hiring the right person is an investment for you and your company’s time and money. Likewise, finding a responsible tenant is an investment to the longevity of your property. With PeopleSearch’s fast and accurate background screening services, you don’t need to worry. Proudly serving clients since 1995, we provide in-depth investigative information on applicants for employers, human resource departments, employment agencies, landlords and more.

Forensic Genealogy

Using methods and ethics consistent with the highest professional standards, PeopleSearch performs kinship determination in legal issues as an independent third-party researcher, analyst, and reporter. These determinations can be verified by documentation and the research path used.

Title Searches

PeopleSearch provides the following services in Lake County Illinois and Kenosha County Wisconsin:
  • Search public records for law firms, real estate agencies, or title insurance companies.
  • Search real estate records.
  • Retrieve closing files for accuracy.
  • Compile lists of mortgages, contracts, and other instruments pertaining to titles by searching public records for law firms, real estate agencies, or title insurance companies.
  • Search, analyze, and evaluate records relating to titles of homes, land, and buildings.
  • Ensure that the title to a property in question has no restrictions that may prevent or hinder its sale or use.
  • Examine deeds, deeds of trust, liens, judgments, easements, and plats/maps to determine ownership, encumbrances, and to verify legal descriptions of property.

Complete Screening Services:

  • Civil Searches
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Current Owner Searches
  • Document Retrieval
  • Driving Record History
  • Education Verification
  • Employee Screening
  • Mortgage Filings
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Tenant Screening
  • Workers Compensation Employee Benefits
Human Resources

Solutions for Employers

We know that businesses today are facing ever increasing insurance and training costs, so it’s important that you choose the right employee for the job. Be sure of your hiring choices with PeopleSearch’s background screening services. Avoid further expenses and ensure peace of mind by using PeopleSearch to provide criminal background checks, driving record history, social security number verification, and education verification. Not only are these items invaluable to employers looking at potential hires, but they are also quickly becoming regulations in the Chicago area.

Solutions for Landlords

The same is true for landlords. Choosing the right tenant can protect your property and even help you retain present tenants with good standing. By obtaining background screens on potential tenants, landlords can save themselves money and further headaches down the road.


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  • Full Name including Middle Initial (if available)
  • Social Security Number
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What You Need to Know

Criminal Records are public and are performed on a County Level (in most cases), as only law enforcement personnel have access to a nationwide search.